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Our founder’s story
LiveRight is the outcome of my personal conviction, which came about after witnessing first hand how competent Vaidyas (as Ayurvedic doctors are called) are able to provide relief to patients who got little benefit and no hope elsewhere. I myself suffered a serious medical setback in 2007 which was completely cured through Ayurveda medicines.

I was afflicted with Bells Palsy (paralysis of one side of the face) after a bout of herpes and lost all functions on the right side of my face. There was severe pain, no movement in the right eye, loss of hearing in the right ear, and restricted lip movements. I went to a reputed neurologist in Chennai who did an EMG that revealed severe nerve damage. The treatment he suggested did not inspire me and I chose to entrust myself in the hands of a Vaidya. I was completely cured within 3 weeks.

This is how I look now. There is no evidence of Bells Palsy on my face or my smile. I have seen many persons left with a lifelong scar – facial droop as such in the picture below

I was fortunate to have access to treatment by a competent Ayurveda Physician who restored me to good health. The lack of access to competent physicians and quality medicine is depriving millions of patients of their health and well-being. The opportunity to help persons with chronic ailments lead a healthy life through Ayurveda is the passion that keeps us working hard.

liveright.in leverages the strength of Ayurvedic remedies to supplement existing treatment. We improve the quality of life for patients diagnosed with chronic diseases that require life-long medication

Ayurveda advocates a holistic approach for healthy living. Health is when the 3 doshas are in equilibrium optimum digestive fire, and normal tissues and wastes functions with pleasant state of Soul, Senses and Mind

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