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Chamakkatt Herbal Products is one of the leading manufacturers of Ayurveda medicines and natural herbal medicines in India. We are mainly engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of highly effective herbal and ayurvedic products and medicines. The range of our products encompasses Arishtams, Asavams, Kashayams, Choornams, Herbal Medicated oils, Ayurveda Medicated oils, Lehyams, Rasayanams, herbal medicine for asthma, ayurvedic medicine for asthma and Gruthams. We manufacture about 400 ayurvedic and herbal products, which are either health supplements or curative medicines. Some of our products are patent products which include Brahmiyoga, Thulasiyog Cough Syrup, Herbalicks Baby, Herbal Santhi and so on. We mainly promote the products such as asthma herbal medicine, herbal medicated oils, Ayurveda medicated oils and Ayurvedic medicine for asthma. The most notable feature of our products is that it provides desired effects within short period of time.

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