• School Bus Tracking System | RFID Attendance, Camera, SOS

iSpot4u helps in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various business processes in addition to improve security aspects by Timely Communication.

iSpot4u is one stop platform to manage Scheduling, Tracking, Security & Communication in areas;

Employee Transport Solution
School Bus Security Solution
Vehicle Tracking System
Onfield Personnel Management

School Bus Security Application
iSpot4u is one stop platform to manage Security, Tracking & Communication at affordable price.

This platform can be used by School Administration, Parents & Transport Admin to get required information in real time & transparent manner.

How it works?
Mobile Device with iSpot4u software will be installed in school bus.
This device captures information like location of the bus, its speed, photos inside the bus, student attendance, security violation, etc.
It also acts as an assistant to bus attendant for Pickup/Drop.
This information is recorded on server.
School administration & parents can view various type of information at www.iSpot4u.com from any devices like mobile device, laptops or desktops.
Smart phone users can access information using iSpot4u App. All the security violation alerts goes to required parties in timely manner as SMS .

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